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Allied Telesis

Smart Technology. Smarter Solutions.

For nearly 30 years, Allied Telesis has been delivering reliable, intelligent connectivity for everything from enterprise organizations to complex, critical infrastructure projects around the globe.

In a world moving toward Smart Cities and the Internet of Things, networks must evolve rapidly to meet new challenges. Allied Telesis smart technologies, such as Allied Telesis Management Framework™ (AMF) and Enterprise SDN, ensure that network evolution can keep pace, and deliver efficient and secure solutions for people, organizations, and “things”—both now and into the future. Allied Telesis is recognized for innovating the way in which services and applications are delivered and managed, resulting in increased value and lower operating costs.

Allied Telesis Management Framework™ (AMF)

AMF is an embedded technology native to Allied Telesis switches that delivers real and immediate value to businesses. Developed to solve management problems, AMF simplifies the day-to-day network management, cutting operational costs with a centralized point of management embedded in the core switch. AMF uses innovative and unique technology to deliver all the benefits of centralized management, without the complexity and cost of an external management tool.

Software Defined Networking

Allied Telesis has an extensive SDN offering to help organizations overcome network challenges. The benefits of SDN for the cloud and datacentre as well as for Enterprise are well established ranging from operational cost savings and rapid reconfiguration to dynamic mechanisms allowing organizational policy to translate into network behaviour.

As an Open Network Foundation member, Allied Telesis combines open standards technology with a best-of-breed hardware platform, to deliver flexible, scalable and high performance networking solutions. Learn more about SDN


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