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Leading Cabling System Manufacturer

KELine is a leading cabling system manufacturer that develops, manufactures and tests its system in accordance with international, European and U.S. standards for structured cabling.

Working closely with independent laboratories enables KELine to respond quickly to any changes in international standardization. One such example is the portfolio of Cat.6A components which KELine offered as the very first portfolio of Cat.6A components certified in accordance with ISO / IEC 11801 in the spring of 2010. This provides KELine partners a competitive advantage in the global market.

In addition to the quality control provided through the EN / ISO 9001:2008 system, key KELine system components are under constant supervision by international independent laboratories, 3P, DELTA and GHMT.

KEline’s high standards makes it the trusted manufacturer for organizations of all sizes and across all sectors and industries.

Products developed by KEline include copper cabling, optical cabling and cabinets.

25 years warranty

The manufacturer provides a 25-year warranty for all structured cabling installations that are performed by KELine® installer partners and undergo an audit of test data. KELine guarantees the functionality of all standardized transmission protocols at the time of installation.