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Leading Cloud Access Security Broker

Netskope™ is the leading cloud access security broker (CASB). Netskope gives IT the ability to find, understand, and secure cloud apps. Only Netskope empowers organizations to direct usage, protect sensitive data, defend against threats, and ensure compliance in real-time, on any device, for any cloud app so the business can move fast, with confidence.

By providing customers cloud app discovery, deep analytics, and precise policies, Netskope aims to help business and IT decision-makers allow and even promote cloud apps in their organizations because they have the tools they need to make those apps safe, compliant, and high performance.

Netskope enables customers to discover what cloud apps are running in their organizations and perform deep analytics to answer business and security questions like “Who is sharing files outside my company from Cloud Storage apps?”, “Are users in my Call Center downloading CRM data after-hours?” and “Which Collaboration apps are the most popular in my organization?”

Netskope also allows customers to enforce granular cloud app usage policies in real-time because the product sits in the flow of cloud network traffic. These policies can be as precise as “Allow all Cloud Storage apps, but do not allow people in Investor Relations to share files from those apps during our company’s quiet period” or “Allow CRM apps, but alert me if people in my call centers download client contacts.”

Netskope has created the Cloud Confidence Index, a database of more than 4,000 enterprise cloud apps that are assessed on their enterprise-readiness.

Key Features

  • Noise-cancelling DLP
  • Surgical visibility and control for sanctioned and unsanctioned apps
  • Future-proof architecture