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The world´s leading software company specialised in Internet Security

VASCO is a world leader in strong authentication and e-signature solutions, specializing in online accounts, identities and transactions. As a global software company, VASCO serves a customer base of approximately 10,000 companies in over 100 countries, including more than 1,700 international financial institutions. In addition to the financial sector, VASCO’s technologies secure sensitive information and transactions for the enterprise security, e-commerce and e-government industries.

Authentication Software Products

IDENTIKEY Authentication Server

IDENTIKEY Authentication Server is a complete turnkey solution that verifies authentication requests and centrally administers user authentication policies. It offers tools to simplify the addition of the two-factor authentication solution to a wide variety of IT infrastructures and customer facing applications

IDENTIKEY Federation Server

IDENTIKEY Federation Server is extremely well suited for large corporations, governments, non-profit organisations and educational institutions looking to secure and manage access to different web-based applications and portals. With a continuous growing number of web-based applications each requiring its own logon procedure, IDENTIKEY Federation Server reduces overall complexity and provides customers with an unprecedented user experience while offering secure two-factor based user authentication.


IDENTIKEY Appliance is a standalone authentication appliance that secures remote access to corporate networks and web-based applications.

Easy to install and simple to use, IDENTIKEY Appliance delivers the robust data security protection enterprises have come to expect from VASCO. All software and hardware administration functions are conveniently accessible through a web-based user interface. Reporting and auditing functions allow you to monitor all remote access activity to your infrastructure.

DIGIPASS 2-factor Authenticators

VASCO DIGIPASS authentication devices provide strong user authentication and electronic or digital signatures. Available in software or hardware format or as smart card reader.

VASCO DIGIPASS technology is used by major banks around the globe and can be regarded as the reference for secure user authentication. Insecure static passwords are replaced with a dynamic, time-limited one-time passwords and e-signature to protect online transactions.

DIGIPASS Pack for Remote Authentication

DIGIPASS Pack for Remote Authentication is an out-of-the-box solution specifically designed for small and medium size businesses. The box contains all necessary hardware and software to provide a high level of security to organizations with limited resources and budgets.

Based on proven one-time password technology, DIGIPASS ensures that only authorized users gain access to your corporate resources and applications.

DIGIPASS Pack for Remote Authentication is available in packs for 5 users; allowing swift expansion when the need arises.